Shmuel Rubinstein

Associate Professor
Kavli Institute for Bionano Science and Technology
Harvard University

Shmuel Rubinstein‘s interests lie in understanding the non-linear dynamics of hard, soft and liquid systems. Rubinstein received a Ph.D. degree in Physics from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, in 2010. At Harvard, Professor Rubinstein is developing a program in soft matter physics that focuses on complex interfaces. His interests are in experimental, out of equilibrium, and non-linear physics. Specifically, his lab focuses on developing cutting-edge experimental techniques to investigate systems where interfacial formation, deformation and collapse dominate the dynamics. He collaborates closely with theorists to explore three main thrusts: (1) disordered solid and liquid systems, (2) nonlinear instabilities in solids and liquids and (3) development of bacterial biofilms.  Each of these systems of interest highlights a beautiful, yet poorly understood phenomenon that Rubinstein seeks to elucidate, including: How do things slide? How do things break? Why do soft materials age? How does paper crumple? Why do drops splash? How do micron-size bacteria engineer huge biofilms?