Radisson Blu Hotel Scandinavia in Oslo
Address: Holbergs gate 30, 0166 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 23 29 30 00
Click here for a map of the hotel


For directions on getting to the hotel (Radisson Blu Scandinavia in Oslo) from the airport, click here. (We recommend the Flytoget airport train).

To Kavli Foundation Reception
(Grand Hotel Penthouse Terrace- 16:30 to 18:30 on Sunday, September 2)
10 minute walk (0.5mi/800m)
Kavli Program Officers will meet meeting attendees in the Lobby to walk over as a group. Departing from Hotel at ~4:15pm.

  • Head SW on Holbergs gate toward Se. Olavs Gate/Fv168
  • Turn LEFT toward Karl Johans gate (Take the stairs)
  • Turn LEFT onto Karl Johans gate
    • Grand Hotel is on the LEFT

To Kavli Prize Laureate Interviews and Concert
(University of Oslo, Georg Sverdrups hus – 10:00 to 14:40 on Monday, September 3)Bus departure from Radisson Blu Hotel at 9:20am for arrival at the University by 9:40am. Bus departure from University back to Hotel at 3pm.

To Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters Reception
(Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters – 18:00 to 20:00 on Monday, September 3)

Bus departure from Radisson Blu Hotel at 5:40pm for arrival at Academy by 6:00pm. Bus departure from Academy back to Hotel at 8:15pm.

To Kavli Prize Award Ceremony
(Oslo Concert Hall – 14:00* to 15:30 on Tuesday, September 4)

10 minute walk (0.5mi/750m)
Kavli Program Officers will meet meeting attendees in the Lobby to walk over as a group. Departing from Hotel at ~12:50pm.

  • Head SW on Holbergs gate toward Se. Olavs Gate/Fv168
  • Turn LEFT toward Frederiks gate/Rv162 (Take the stairs)
  • Turn LEFT toward Frederiks gate/Rv162
  • Turn RIGHT onto Frederiks gate/Rv162
    • Continue straight through the roundabout
    • Oslo Concert Hall is on the RIGHT

To Kavli Prize Banquet
(Oslo City Hall – 18:00 on Tuesday, September 4)Bus departure from Hotel at 5:50pm. NO RETURN BUS – 11 minute walk (0.5mi/850m) *Taxi/Uber is also fine

On-site Emergency Contact

Stephanie Albin

(424) 581-7560



Any other expenses related to the Kavli Insititute Community Symposium and Kavli Prize events will also be reimbursed, including meals while traveling and any transportation costs. Please refer to the guidelines below for requirements before your trip:

Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

The cutoff date for reimbursements is 60 days from the meeting date. Only expenses related to the event will be reimbursed. Following the close of the event, you will be sent instructions on how to request reimbursement.

Please note that a receipt must accompany all expenses.

Travel arrangements must be pre-approved by the Foundation’s Executive Assistant. Corporate Traveler is the Foundation’s travel service, which is available for use to external participants upon invitation. To use this service, please let the Foundation’s Executive Assistant know as soon as possible to provide you further instructions.

If choosing to not use the Foundation’s travel service, the Foundation will reimburse travel for lowest cost non-refundable economy class airfare for the participant’s route. Airline tickets must be purchased at least 14 days in advance to the event. The Foundation pays for up to two checked bags. Air travel containing personal segment and change fees for personal reasons are not reimbursable.

The Foundation generally provides lodging in a pre-arranged hotel block. However, if alternate arrangements are required, please contact the Foundation’s Executive Assistant at least 30 days prior to the event, or at the earliest notice.

Please note that the Foundation does not reimburse on a per diem basis. Meals will be reimbursed for the day of the event, or during travel to the event. The daily meal limits that are reimbursable (with accompanying receipts) are:
$30 – breakfast
$40 – lunch
$75 – dinner

Ground transportation
Taxicab and ridesharing fares will be reimbursed with a receipt and the tip clearly noted. Notes on what the taxi was for must be included (i.e., to/from airport, to/from event, etc.)

Personal car mileage
Mileage for personal vehicles is reimbursable at the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Rate (currently $0.545/mi for 2018). Parking and toll costs are also reimbursable. A map printout is required as distance documentation.

Rental car
If a rental car is necessary, the Foundation will reimburse up to the cost of a compact or economy car.