Liedewij Laan

Assistant Professor
Kavli Institute of Nanoscience
Delft University of Technology

Liedewij Laan obtained her PhD in Physics with Marileen Dogterom (2009) combining minimal model experiments and theory to study cytoskeletal organisation. Subsequently she joined the lab of Andrew Murray at Harvard to investigate evolutionary dynamics in the polarisation network in budding yeast. In October 2014, Liedewij started her own group at Delft University of Technology to study how biomolecular networks both create precise spatial and temporal order and simultaneously are highly evolvable. Specifically, she focusses on polarity establishment in budding yeast, when a non-uniform protein pattern indicates where a new cell will grow. In one of her approaches she will reconstitute protein pattern formation from purified components in a lipid droplet, to study how an increasing number of components creates evolvability in a biomolecular network.